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5 Rivers 300k Audax on ElliptiGO

  • 191.5mi
  • 3,104ft
  • 15:30:24
    Moving Time
  • 11,291
  • 395
    Suffer Score


  1. Jackie Cipriani *L'Ascenders*

    GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!! Went BIG and STILL went home!! Holy Crap!!!! EXTREMELY OUTSTANDING!!!! Nite Nite!!!

  2. Daniel C.
    Daniel C.

    Another crazy ambitious impressive ride

  3. Olia  L.
    Olia L.

    Wow insane!

  4. Rick Bienias - ElliptiGO

    Congrats, Bill. That is so awesome and impressive.

  5. Todd Gunther

    Holy cow! Pretty much a double century! Well done sir!

  6. Paul Emmert

    Major effort!

  7. Chris Zito -.
    Chris Zito -.

    Great accomplishment, Bill!  Especially given the two big climbs in the last 25 miles.

  8. Mel Bingham

    WOW! Amazing GOing! Congratulations!

  9. Anissa  ".
    Anissa ".

    Wow...I'm in awe!  Phenomenal GOing, Bill!  Amazing time and effort!!  If I knew that you 2 were doing that race,  I would have come out to cheer you along HB!!  ;-)

  10. The Chris G.
    The Chris G.

    Looking at your HR - you paced that just right Bill, IMHO.

  11. The Chris G.
    The Chris G.

    ....even though there is only half the HR data !

  12. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    oh! must be because I used two garmins and joined rides together - well spotted - will fix

  13. Ardy Conway

    amazing you are!

  14. Mark Bennett

    Pretty amazing ride, hoping I may be able to be in Paris in August....