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Kings Cliffe Flyers Open 12 mile TT. 28:40 4th place

  • 31.2km
  • 313m
  • 50:38
    Moving Time
  • 778


  1. J L.
    J L.

    1st, 2nd, 3rd? Times?

  2. H La B 1.
    H La B 1.

    Good stuff :-)

  3. Carl W.
    Carl W.

    Adrian - we passed I think, during the race.

  4. Carl W.
    Carl W.

    George Fox 26:46, Peter Cocker 27:39, Stuart Wright 28:39. In terms of past form, that is hands down the worst beating I have ever taken.

  5. H La B 1.
    H La B 1.

    Possibly, we passed a few riders :-)

  6. George F.
    George F.

    Did you struggle in the cold Carl? Or just not your day?

  7. Carl W.
    Carl W.

    I've never gone well in the cold.  But I wasn't a million miles from where I'd hope. Just got hammered :)

  8. Mark R.
    Mark Roberts (Team Vision)

    Ah! So that was the race I passed when I was tooling around yesterday. You boys were coming down the Southwick hill a bit quicker than I was crawling up it! I do love the sound of a disc wheel when a TT bike is tanking along :)

  9. Jon R.
    Jon R.

    Enjoy reading the blog. Looking forward to the coming seasons read.