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Morning run by the beach @ 148HR (MAF)

  • 19.9mi
  • 2:12:01
    Moving Time
  • 6:37/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,601


  1. Richard Stewart

    Fantastic run

  2. Darin A.

    Well done. Good pace

  3. Stu N.

    Fast.  But just as impressive is your HR.  Very motivating

  4. Tyler Harlan

    Nice one

  5. Rich Roberts

    Very impressive!!

  6. Dylan D.

    Amazing run and pace at your MAF HR!!

  7. Dylan D.

    @Stu: +1, extremely motivating

  8. Kevin Chan

    Your HR is so steady! Remarkable.

  9. Marcelo マルセロ D.

    Are you kenyan?

  10. Floris Gierman

    Haha, thanks guys, it was a fun one!

  11. Floris Gierman

    @kevin - it's the HR alarm on my watch that really helps to keep the HR steady, that way I don't look at my watch often.

  12. Andy Snipes

    What a pace, that seems like madness to me :P

  13. Nick Moore

    Floris, any tips on using the HR alarm? Do you use high alarm, low alarm, or both? I find the beeping stresses me out and makes my HR shoot up! :)

  14. Floris Gierman

    Hi Nick - I only use high alarm since I'm only trying to avoid not going too high. You can switch the beep off to a vibrate only, that might be less intense for you, give it a try!

  15. Nick Moore

    Thanks for the tip, I tried this on my run today and it worked pretty well.

  16. Floris Gierman

    Nice, glad to hear that Nick!

  17. Tony Ordonez

    You're nuckin futs. 20 miles is crazy talk!

  18. Floris Gierman

    It's just a matter of time for you to get there Tony! What the mind can conceive the mind can achieve :)