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10/24/2012 Cernobbio, Lombardia, Italy

  • 55.4mi
  • 7,347ft
  • 4:21:48
    Moving Time
  • 2,879


  1. Juan C.
    Juan Cafe

    Sharon, you got 7 Strava trophies and Carlos got none?

  2. Sharon M.
    Sharon M.

    Yes, Juan but you have to understand I am a girl and there are not that many woman that ride. Great riding in this area.

  3. Juan C.
    Juan Cafe

    I have heard that Como is incredible. Hope you and Carlos are having a wonderful time. I have a ton of questions about the logistics, bike rental... I would love to eventually travel to that region and do the same.

  4. Sharon M.
    Sharon M.

    Hey Juan, yes, Como is incrediable for riding. We had the best time riding plus the village is really cute. Close to everything, we didn't have a car so we walked every where. The tour company picked us up at the train station plus took us to the airport. We rented the bikes from Comocycling.com wonderful tour company. We are planning on another trip with the same tour company in Aug. We are going to do the 15 day Trans Pyrenees. Go to their web site and click on tours you will see all the tours. Pietro is the owner and he is awesome. He was our guide for 4 days, can't say enough about him. You should really go there, it was challenging but fun.

  5. Juan C.
    Juan Cafe

    Thanks for the information Sharon, glad you and Carlos had a good time. The Pyranees should be incredible as well. There's a lot of cycling history in them hills.