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chilly headlands loop

  • 29.7mi
  • 2,175ft
  • 1:57:04
    Moving Time
  • 1,093


  1. Tom J.

    chilly? you should have felt it at 0400! glad to see you got back on the horse after monday.

  2. Erin Werner

    i know... i'm a wimp about the weather. i can already see the motivation to get out there declining! honestly, i was a little nervous on my bike today... and it didn't help that i noticed my helmet was cracked in half as i was heading out.

  3. Tom J.

    lots of cycling "gear" is a marketing ploy, but not helmets. a crack = immediate replacement. tell kenny he needs a new one too. (his is probably years old and besides, no visors on the road) ;)

  4. Al Pastor

    I was wondering how long I'd get the visor pass - it's a clear rule violation. And, on top of that, my sunglasses don't even fit in the vents so that makes two violations.