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10/27/2012 Scottsdale (Faster Gran Fondo)

  • 97.3mi
  • 4,895ft
  • 5:42:46
    Moving Time
  • 3,652


  1. Tim M.
    Tim M.

    my first EPIC suffer score! This truly was, either that or evil, take your pick. crazy windy, crazy hills... at least now I feel ready for Tucson.

  2. William V.
    William V.

    Nicely done Tim, that looked like a truely EPIC ride!! And that wind today was bad, such an energy killer! Congratulations on your Grand Fondo!

  3. William V.
    William V.

    Any chance you doing the Gilbert group ride tomorrow. I'm strongly considering it

  4. Tim M.
    Tim M.

    hmm, possibly a short distance. I kind of want to test out some of the 2013 bikes. I think the shorter rides are all flat. but heck, compared with this, Usery is a walk in the park.

  5. Steven Z.
    Steven Ziskin-Bailey

    Holy crap sir! Almost 5k feet of climbing in one go. :) I'm sort of scared of the TdT... I know I can ride that distance... I'm just scared of riding that distance combined with the climbs.

    I was considering doing tomorrow, but none of the rides really sound all that fun.. (the 30 mile isn't all that much climbing)... the 50 mile is lie... LOL BUSH HIGHWAY... meh.

  6. William V.
    William V.

    I think I'm doing the 69, it'll be a nice bit of climbing and I figure I can cut it short if my legs don't want to go anymore lol

  7. Tim M.
    Tim M.

    I think I'll show up for the 69 also and do the same. I haven't done a Global group ride for a while, but the last time I did it was an extremely easy pace, which would be great after the ride today.

  8. William V.
    William V.

    Hmmm, was kind of worried about that, not that I want a hammer fest but I also dont want to be out there for 5+ hours (have a get together at my moms in the far west side, feel like I'm going to Cali every time I drive out there lol), might end up dropping the group lol

  9. John V.
    John Velicevich

    Awesome ride Tim, Sorry in a way that I missed it. I think my hip is back to normal but taking a couple weeks off to rest has set me back. I won't be setting any records at TdT this year.

  10. Tim M.
    Tim M.

    Thanks John, hope you're back to normal soon. Let me know when you want to ride. Maybe we can ride Tucson together.