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Over Everest in 15 hours, or Quadruple the Donna Double plus Cement Creek

  • 286.8km
  • 9,037m
  • 14:07:07
    Moving Time
  • 9,073


  1. Ian M.
    Ian M.

    You must have done that in the car George.....sensational..

  2. Matt B.
    Matt Barrett

    Nice work again George. Run out of light?

  3. Matt B.
    Matt Barrett

    NPCCI of 209.42!! sweeeet.

  4. Rod U.
    Rod Upton

    Top ride George, I think we saw you doing your repeats today. I thought our 2x hurt let alone your 8.5 or 10! Your mind power over the pain must be astounding

  5. Kevin S.
    Kevin Smith

    Impressive George! Well done.

  6. George M.
    George M.

    To Rod Upton: yes I saw the three of you and wonderd how many laps you were doing. FWIW: I find that the more I train the less I need to rely on "mind over matter". GM

  7. Dave C.
    Dave Coultas

    Amazing ride. Would love to read about it again. Do you blog? Maybe Wade or Matt will post? I expect despite the similarities you'd still have a different story to tell than the 10x? Also interested in your bike, wheels, gearing etc. Did you do the Dirty Dozen? I think I met you there. You didn't break a sweat!

  8. George M.
    George M.

    Thanks Dave. I used the same bike & setup as per Monte Zoncolan in Sept (ref Matt's website). I have a compact & 11-27 which works for me. Have fun in the hills. GM

  9. Ash Y.
    Ash Yelland

    Nice to see your smiling face on each pass George, amazing effort. We may see you there again next Monday?! A few of us are keen for more of that spectacular ride

  10. Mat S.
    Mat Stone

    Wow George. I've been riding a lot lately, getting fitter & faster. But it does not compare to a ride of this calibre. I am amazed. Mat Stone - Healesville

  11. Tom L.
    Tom Leaper

    Super effort George, very inspiring!

  12. George M.
    George M.

    Thanks Matt & Tom! GM

  13. Matt D.
    Matt D.

    George, you're a monster.

  14. Cyril D.
    Cyril Dixon

    crikey George. feeling disappointed not included in the 7 peaks challenge, thought you might climb up it more than 7 times!

  15. George M.
    George M.

    Hey Guys. Thanks for all the nice compliments! I'm sure all of you could do more than you imagine if you trained for it and made a really early start. GM :)

  16. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Wow! Hat's off. That is just insane. I can't even comprehend doing something like that. Biggest fattest KUDOS.

  17. Josh G.
    Josh G.

    Fourteen hours in the saddle? Ironbutt award.

  18. George M.
    George M.

    thanks Josh. Next day i whimped out of cycling to work. Took the train instread

  19. Cyril D.
    Cyril Dixon

    Love the Everst connection

  20. Karl B.
    Karl B.

    George....sorry excuse me I mean Sir George I do believe you now own that Mountain. You are now a legend.

  21. Kathleen S.
    Kathleen S.

    Of course! Incredible ride Sir.

  22. Alex M.
    Alex McCallum ♉

    Fantastic adventure GM! I wanna go up once!

  23. Rohan (Duracell Bunny) S.
    Rohan (Duracell Bunny) Symons

    Great consistency in the times George you have set a high benchmark!

  24. John V.
    John Van Seters

    That is inspiring stuff George , just increadible ! When i read about the first time you did this i thought i can do this but not on Donna but on the 1/20 ! So a few weekends ago i had a crack , only got half way with 15 laps ! Cheers JVS

  25. George M.
    George M.

    Thanks John for your generous comment. Um, I think doing 9000m on the 1in20 would be harder because it would involve more time in the saddle due to the flatter average gradient. But I'm definitely not volenteering to test this theory! :) GM

  26. Jon T.
    Jon T.

    Amazing effort. Congratulations.