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Was a nice stroll in Cool with Pat and Ryan until Jorge kicked the hornets nest ;) (payed the price for 558 avg first 16)

  • 29.4mi
  • 5,299ft
  • 3:19:49
    Moving Time
  • 6:48/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,779


  1. Connor Frisch

    Wow! What a great race. Sooo quick haha good work!

  2. Igor C.

    Sick dude! The Nike Hit Squad strikes again!! $$$$$$

  3. Charlie Potts

    Bronze!! And you thought you wouldn't crack the top ten! Way to go Tim!

  4. Tim Tollefson

    Thanks guys! Time was right where I predicted. Even with a suffer fest last 3 miles :p

  5. Mitch LeBlanc

    Nice work Tim, saw your result on iRunFar. Congrats.

  6. Nate Blouin

    oh damn, pat crushed the CR. holdin it down for utah! nice work.

  7. Tim Tollefson

    And Pat was only about 85% effort. Dude will be dangerous if he ever lets it rip.

  8. Igor C.

    85% effort..... sooo sub 3hr 50k. Okay, going to bed.

  9. Luke Garten

    Damn impressive out there Tim. Expecially for not peaking into it. You looked very controlled at mile 15. Hope you bring your A game to Sonoma.

  10. Tim Tollefson

    Thanks, Luke. It was great having your support as well. Can't wait for Sonoma!

  11. Jorge Maravilla

    Next time I race you, I'm going to kick you in the balls to try and slow you down!  Nice job princess!

  12. Tim Tollefson

    Balls are all yours Jorgay!