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let's start some riding

  • 46.6km
  • 194m
  • 1:35:40
    Moving Time
  • 1,184
  • 32
    Suffer Score


  1. Jeffrey 杰弗里 B.
    Jeffrey 杰弗里 B.

    mooi rondje

  2. Math Ummels

    en nat geworden

  3. Daniel Wojtyna (VACC / WAY2CHAMP)

    I could only ride home:) but it's better than nothing

  4. Jeronimo L.
    Jeronimo L.

    Op zo'n rondje wil ook wel eens met je meerijden in je slipstream, woon praktisch om de hoek.

  5. Gabriel Constantin

    Oh, please use English, he's a star already and most of us don't understand your beautiful language.

  6. Coen K.
    Coen K.

    Following Ten Dam on Strava is reason enough to learn to some Dutch. It'll also help you with the Dutch/Belgian cycling news(papers). And learn some French for L'Équipe, and some Italian for the Gazzetta while you're at it, and you are always up to date with the European cyclingnews :).

  7. Gabriel Constantin

    Well, I'm romanian, and, as most educated people here, we do handle other latin languages to some extend. Reading L'Equipe, La Gazzetta and Marca is pretty simple for me but Dutch seems a bit untouchable for me.