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  • 117.7km
  • 3,122m
  • 4:11:40
    Moving Time
  • 4,363


  1. Evan G.
    Evan Guthrie

    Hope your were fuelled with some Pil!

  2. Jesse M.
    Jesse Miller-Smith

    Ha ha ha... great alias! That's crazy fast and super impressive. Can we see some power files from the champ?

  3. Piers B.
    Piers B.

    Wow--that's the same time as J. Vaughters record ride from 1993...

  4. Peter S.
    Peter Salomon

    Who is Dean Murdoch?

  5. Evan G.
    Evan Guthrie


  6. Tristan J.
    Tristan Jenkin

    Is this a real score? Seems incredibly fast! If it is real, kudos man. Incredible effort.

  7. Ben P.
    ben pilot

    Seriously good time that.... So who is Dean really???

  8. Peter S.
    Peter Salomon

    I'm not sure but a Canadian pro mountain biker was in town that week. I forget his name. I will ask my friend at Maui Cyclery He is pretty sure it was the Canuck Mountain biker. I ran into Ryder Hesjedal a few days after and asked if he knew who it was, he didn't and seemed skeptical. No hart rate or power meter data makes it harder to believe but I think it is a legit time

  9. Piers B.
    Piers B.

    Not sure -- that time is close to Ryder's record correct? If you compare performances on strava "Dean" gains time like he's on a bike not a motorcycle or car.

  10. Peter S.
    Peter Salomon

    WOW. That is impressive. Looks like Ryder is in great form for the beginning of the year.

    Good video here (about 9 mins):


    besting Jonathan Vaughters' record up the same climb from 1993.

    56.84 km climb
    84 avg rpm
    350 avg watts
    22.3 avg km/hr
    2 hours 38 mins

  11. Peter S.
    Peter Salomon

    i just checked out the performance graph, all the spots were he goes fast are the "flat spots" on the ride. I still think it's legit but I thought Lance was for real for way to long

  12. Piers B.
    Piers B.

    Another thought--maybe Dean is Lance? Really not sure I know of any MTB pros who can put out that kind of wattage for nearly 3 hours.

  13. Rick B.
    Rick B.

    Supposedly it's Geoff Kabush.

  14. Ben P.
    ben pilot

    Hmmm Ryder makes sense?? Maybe Jered knows who it is!!!

  15. Evan G.
    Evan Guthrie

    I'm confident this guy is real: https://www.google.ca/search?q=deaner+shotgunning+beer&client=safari&hl=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=DkfzUaXaMKiYiQKStYDQBA&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=320&bih=356#biv=i%7C18%3Bd%7CQ7LCOTH52tRrpM%3A

  16. Ben P.
    ben pilot

    Hahaha!! Classic....

  17. Nick L.
    Nick Leger

    and you thought ryder was clean too...

  18. Rodd H.
    Rodd H.

    Geoff Kabush has an alter ego named Deaner... just saying