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I think I earned 4 Peanut Butter Cups

  • 18.6mi
  • 1,488ft
  • 1:00:45
    Moving Time
  • 781
  • 59
    Suffer Score


  1. Scot H.
    Scot Hink

    Do you have 3 in your pocket?

  2. Adam S.
    Adam S.

    As long as they are the dark choc, have 6.

  3. X Xx | Dan   The Shredded Beast   Turner N.
    X Xx | Dan The Shredded Beast Turner N.

    Yes, 4 is the correct amount. :)

  4. Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Woodbury

    Hmmm, I wonder if there are any peanut butter cups in the big pile of candy by the front door. I wonder what it is there for?

  5. #Thebosslady /.
    #Thebosslady /.

    eat um!

  6. Ralph Z.
    Ralph Z.

    Yet another KOM added to your long list of them...CONGRATS!!! Well done.

  7. Matt "Pickle" P.
    Matt "Pickle" P.

    I would give you kudos for the KOM but since I know who you took it from... Great job Joe. Those are some punchy streets.

  8. X Xx | Joseph K.
    xXx | Joseph Keays | NPBS |

    I supervised 2 hours of tricker treating last night. Of course, I had to inspect the candy and tell my daughters that the "orange wrapped" PBcups will make your hair turn green. I did the right thing and collected those evil "treats."

    @matty I'm surprised that we don't see a larger number of riders who normally ride around Woodranch and the Fitzgerald area take detours into that pitchy neighborhood with all of the nice street names like, Nonchalant, Rambling, Casual, Sunnydale, Mellow, Meander, Restful, Cheerful, Peaceful, Quiet, etc. It’s a perfect way to get some more climbing in the popular Simi Ride.