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11/03/2012 Birmingham, AL Edgewood Cycles plus Easy Ride plus strava shootout attempt.

  • 43.9km
  • 593m
  • 1:48:30
    Moving Time
  • 858


  1. Kyle Campbell

    Apparently, I got the "Smyer from base" segment confused with the "From the gate on Smyer to Shades Crest" segment. Oh well.

  2. Brian Toone

    Actually it looks like you did the right segment, but there was so much gps drift near mt royal circle (on the map) that it didn't end up matching the segment. Try doing the following: select the elevation graph from 10.4mi to 12.2mi and then click the "create new segment" button. Instead of creating a segment, select the "Use Smyer from Upper Parking Lot" option. See if this will force Strava to match your segment with this week's strava shootout segment.

  3. Kyle Campbell

    Thanks Brian, and congratulations on the new team. Yeah I did finish the segment, but I stopped going hard when I got to shadescrest thinking that's where the shootout segment ended. Not that I can compete with your and mark's times. You guys are killing it.