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BugMan ™

Wildwood, Missouri
  • 93
  • 1,868.4
    miles Ridden
  • 1698

Around Lake Tahoe (clockwise from S Lake Tahoe)

Ride March 17, 2015
  • 72.3mi
  • 4,593ft
  • 3:55:01
    Moving Time
  • 2,692
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  1. Kevin Muthuri

    Life is good.....

  2. Ryan H.

    Mega props!

  3. Vince DeBlasi

    Impressive "old man."  60 is just a number.  At least for some of you.

  4. Shereef Moustafa - THG Cycling

    Looking forward to following this route later in the summer. Looks like a beautiful challenge.

  5. BugMan ™

    One of the most memorable rides you will ever do.

  6. Shereef Moustafa - THG Cycling

    I did this ride last week — I can totally appreciate your under 4 hour ride time. Amazing! (Next time I'll get an earlier start and allow more time to get acclimated to the altitude).

  7. BugMan ™

    It took me four tries, so you've still got two more chances to "beat" me. ;)

  8. Never Y.

    Visiting friend in Incline Village in June, I plan to rent a road bike and to recreate this ride myself. Cheers.

  9. Shereef Moustafa - THG Cycling

    Ha! Bugman: this is how we met-me searching Tahoe rides! So great that it lives on! @Never Youmind: it’s an excellent ride. Start early to avoid traffic. The east side of the lake is quieter than the west side. There are few to zero convenience stores between Incline Village and Zepher Cove, so make sure you have fluids. It’s a beautiful ride if traffic is low. Check out Bugman’s other Tahoe rides-the scenery is magical.

  10. BugMan ™

    Never Youmind - you’ll love the ride around the lake. I’ve done it too many times to count now, and each time is still an epic adventure. I prefer clockwise so I can stay lakeside on the road, but either way is magical.

  11. BugMan ™

    Shereef Moustafa - THG Cycling I remember that’s how we hooked up. Can’t wait to do it in person some day.

  12. Peter Burton

    Great ride and great photos. I’m heading out late June and hoping to hire a bike and do the same loop. Good tip re clockwise route. Any other advice you have about the best time of day to ride it in June - not sure about the traffic or weather conditions ? Thanks

  13. Shereef Moustafa - THG Cycling

    Assuming you are starting at South Lake Tahoe (6 o'clock), start early to beat the west side traffic or possible construction road work. Top off fluids no later than Incline Village (1 o'clock) because there are no services until Zephyr Beach (4 o'clock).

  14. BugMan ™

    Shereef gives good advice - the mountain air is dry, so drink more than you think you need to.

  15. Shereef Moustafa - THG Cycling

    And since you are going, check out BugMan's other South-ish Lake Tahoe, (arguably more beautiful)l routes.

  16. Peter Burton

    Thanks gents that’s very useful. I’ve not cycled at altitude before either so need to factor that in. I’ll check out the other rides too. Thanks again.

  17. BugMan ™

    It’s not super high (6200’ at lake level, so you shouldn’t need to acclimate too much). One of my favorite places to ride, and like Shereef mentions there are tons of other incredible routes in the area. I’ve cycled there every March from 2013-2017, so check them out. You’re gonna love it!!!

  18. Peter Burton

    Thanks BugMan ™ - I’ve skied in The Alps at that altitude so thinking about it I should be fine but just want to plan it all properly now. A little different to my daily cycle-commute into London ! I’ve followed you now so will check out your previous rides and different routes. Cheers.