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Private Idaho exploratory Moto ride

  • 133.2mi
  • 7,645ft
  • 4:15:46
    Moving Time


  1. Ina Yoko T.
  2. Rebecca R.
    Rebecca Rusch

    Ina, will you come to my Private Idaho dirt fondo once I figure out the course?

  3. Kyle M.
    Kyle M.

    Aren't all those QOM's kind of cheating since you were on a motorcycle? LOL, just giving you a hard time. :)

  4. Rebecca R.
    Rebecca Rusch

    Oh yeah...none of these QOMs count at all. Gotta figure out how to remove them, cuz it's so not fair.

  5. Kyle M.
    Kyle M.

    Well regardless, with 7,645 feet of climbing over 133 miles, it looks like one heck of a challenge on a bicycle!

  6. Juan Carlos H.
    Juan Carlos Hernandez


  7. Juan Carlos H.
    Juan Carlos Hernandez

    Looks like it could be an amazing but challenging ride!!!! Rebecca, we met in Leadville this year during the riders brief. I was wearing the hat from STURTE VANTS Bike Shop and had asked you if you recognized the name......

  8. Kyle M.
    Kyle M.

    Careful, Schulenburg (JCH)... She's a tough one! lol