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Montara Mountain - Cross (Wheee!)

  • 13.4mi
  • 2,200ft
  • 1:05:21
    Moving Time
  • 743
  • 54
    Suffer Score


  1. Brian L.
    Brian L.

    Wow, nearly 8 minutes off the previous time on Montara (Ranch to Summit via Ramp)? There's a word for that: Shattered.

  2. Tim C.
    Tim C.

    My best (Strava) time before for that climb (it's a buggar) was 29:02 - but I'm still pretty stoked. Seems like the thyroid stuff might be finally getting itself dialed !

  3. Larry H.
    Larry H.

    Well done! Now you need to take the cross bike and take the KOM of Montara taking the broken road to the left of the grey house -- while its still graded like a super highway!

  4. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Tim, how was your rig geared for this climb? Is the cross bike the right tool for the job for LKHC?

  5. Lucas P.
    Lucas Pereira

    Paul: you spend a *lot* of time at 5mph, with traction too poor to stand. So bring the lowest gearing you can find to sit & spin.

  6. Daryl S.
    Daryl S.

    Even though this was almost two years ago, Kudos to you!