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Sellaronda 4 times in one day

Alpine Ski
  • 165.8km
  • 16,020m
  • 7:15:39
    Moving Time


  1. Nicola Banfi

    Stai male...

  2. Nicola Banfi

    Grande Igor!

  3. Jan Sonneveld

    Wow, what ride. Did the winter last too long?

  4. Igor Tavella

    @Nicola ... con le ultime nevicate non era il caso di uscire in bici quindi .... SCI ;-)

  5. Igor Tavella

    @Jan .... this was done with ski's :-D

  6. Jan Sonneveld

    Haha, extra points for endurance :)

  7. Rutger Bus

    That would be a nice challenge on the bike as well. 4xSellaronda ;-)

  8. Igor Tavella

    @Rutger ... Well Eduard did it 4 times in a day 6 year ago ... so as his son I need to improve :-D

  9. Rutger Bus

    I think you can do it. Greetings to Asturia Posta ;-)

  10. Paul D.

    Great performance Igor. Greatings from Belgium. Paul