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Igor Tavella

Badia, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italy
  • 693

Sellaronda 4 times in one day

Alpine Ski March 28, 2015
  • 165.8km
  • 16,020m
  • 7:15:39
    Moving Time
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  1. Nicola Banfi
    Nicola Banfi

    Stai male...

  2. Nicola Banfi
    Nicola Banfi

    Grande Igor!

  3. Jan Sonneveld
    Jan Sonneveld

    Wow, what ride. Did the winter last too long?

  4. Igor Tavella
    Igor Tavella

    @Nicola ... con le ultime nevicate non era il caso di uscire in bici quindi .... SCI ;-)

  5. Igor Tavella
    Igor Tavella

    @Jan .... this was done with ski's :-D

  6. Jan Sonneveld
    Jan Sonneveld

    Haha, extra points for endurance :)

  7. Rutger Bus
    Rutger Bus

    That would be a nice challenge on the bike as well. 4xSellaronda ;-)

  8. Igor Tavella
    Igor Tavella

    @Rutger ... Well Eduard did it 4 times in a day 6 year ago ... so as his son I need to improve :-D

  9. Rutger Bus
    Rutger Bus

    I think you can do it. Greetings to Asturia Posta ;-)

  10. Paul D.
    Paul D.

    Great performance Igor. Greatings from Belgium. Paul

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