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Tempo: 1 x 2.5k Chaumont big loop @ 4:10 - 1 x 2k @4:05 - 1 x 2k @ 4:10 - Pushing last uphill - recup in between

  • 13.5km
  • 1:00:17
    Moving Time
  • 4:27/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,168


  1. Jean Philippe K.

    Mais c'est qu'il y a du dénivelé aux buttes Chaumont :) Nice session, see you next week

  2. camille delebecque

    Hehe :) See you really soon! Do you know what time your train arrives wed?

  3. Jean Philippe K.

    21h37 gdlyon

  4. Jean Philippe K.

    5 stages - 110 k - http://www.runiceland.org

  5. Jean Philippe K.

    à fond, ça a l'air génial

  6. Jean Philippe K.

    hmmm, just did the first registration step ... and the entry fee is 1580€....

  7. camille delebecque

    hmm. Maybe we could organize one by ourselves for a fraction of the cost? I suggest Alta Via #1 in the Dolomnite. 120k in 4 days with sleeping in refuges. Looks awesome: http://www.irunfar.com/2011/08/running-in-the-italian-dolomites.html

  8. Jean Philippe K.

    Looks good :) That's exactly where the mountain bike race Sellaronda hero is!