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Gorge Waterfalls 100K

  • 61.9mi
  • 12,800ft
  • 11:14:23
    Moving Time
  • 11:00/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 8,490


  1. Ivan A.
    Ivan Antonov

    17 minutes behind Michelle Yates at 100k is like 5 second behind on a 5K? Olga "freaking" Nevtrinos :)

  2. Arya F.
    Arya Farahani

    Great job today, Olga! You killed it! Now I just have to make sure you don't catch me at RRR100 as I'll be running tortoise division.

  3. Ekaterina Z.
    Ekaterina Z.

    Оля, поздравляю! С финишем и с призами! Ну и удивляюсь и поражаюсь тебе в очередной раз.

  4. Olga N.
    Olga N.

    Ivan, photo-finish! ;)

  5. Olga N.
    Olga N.

    Arya, whaaaat? Tortoise? You are not tortoise ;)

  6. Olga N.
    Olga N.

    Катя, спасибо :) Приз - опять пустой гроулер.

  7. Arya F.
    Arya Farahani

    Thanks, Olga, but 3 weeks after CCC100 I'll be a tortoise, or maybe a snail. I have two other friends running tortoise with me and my coach and hiss friend are running hare. Washington is invading Steamboat!

  8. Olga N.
    Olga N.

    Hah, let's kick some Coloradan asses :)

  9. Mitchell B.
    Mitchell Burbick

    Hell of a run.

  10. Olga N.
    Olga N.

    Thanks, seems like you had a great day too! Congrats!