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Buller sky run (2nd to Dave Byrne)

  • 43.3km
  • 2,217m
  • 4:19:30
    Moving Time
  • 6:01/km
    Avg Pace
  • 4,391


  1. James Stewart

    congratulations Tom!  You were very close to Dave, fantastic run. how was that big climb at the finish!? :)

  2. Tom Brazier

    Went all out in the downhill then survived the climb. I thought 4th place Ross might catch me in the climb, but instead I caught a broken John Winsbury.

  3. Emily K.

    Great run Tom

  4. Paul Cuthbert

    Nice work

  5. Lil M.

    Such a boss Tom!!

  6. Tom McKegg

    Boy you got up that mountain fast!!!

  7. James Stewart

    I know the feeling of being broken and having you race past looking fresh as a daisy!  are you racing buffalo marathon again this year?

  8. Tom Brazier

    I'm in for the 75. Wbu?

  9. James Stewart

    good to hear you are stepping up to that beast! I've got unfinished business in the marathon, so another crack for me with a better pacing strategy.

  10. Jayden Mallen

    is this course harder than razorback?

  11. Tom Brazier

    Bit harder than razorback 40 maybe. Sort of broken into 15km climb, 15km (very) undulating ridges and 15km descent. Mostly single track which is fun. The out and back from my Stirling can be crazy hot/exposed depending on weather.

  12. Jayden Mallen

    Cool thanks. Planning on razorback 40 so might be a good lead up race