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Wham - Missing my Quarq!

  • 84.3km
  • 417m
  • 2:47:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,844
  • 94
    Relative Effort


  1. Steve Weixel

    What happened to your Quarq?

  2. Paul Wren

    Bursting all my illusions when the Pro doesn't finish his 60 hours and doesn't have an SRM?

  3. Tim Johnson

    I didn't treat it very well, had to ship it back to Spearfish for some TLC. Love that thing and just counting the days til it's back. Today's workout would've been a good one for it. Lots of oommph.

  4. Giancarlo B.

    Do you have a quarq on your cx bike?

  5. James Meyer

    I dunno Tim... sure the ride is on Strava, but without power, did it really happen? Rest assured we will take great care of your baby and have it back to you in a jiffy!

  6. Tim Johnson

    Haha, thanks Jim...I'm pretty sure the salt stains and couple-few hours of pain made it real - can't wait to be back on the POWWAH!

  7. Patrick S.

    Hello Tim, regards form germany. Iam a big fan of you. US champ 2013 !!!!!!

  8. René Bruun 🇮🇪 🚴‍♀️

    Watched your documentary The 9 Ball Diaries quite a few times, very enjoyable.

  9. Patrick S.

    Hi, thanks for the tip :) I have got the DVD for two yeas now:-) Often watch TJ riding style while training on the rollers !!