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04/02/15 Thursday - Incredibly beautiful ride from Mill Creek Ranger Station to Onyx Summit - Blue skies and a great mountain climb made me think I was in Colorado!! - HR not working

  • 60.9mi
  • 7,165ft
  • 5:21:52
    Moving Time
  • 2,528
  • 138
    Suffer Score


  1. Jim K.
    Jim Knight Shadow Tour

    Pure Earn it! Proud of ya for setting the Breathless example for all of us. Double fist bump Chuck!

  2. Ron W.
    Ron Wingard

    Great ride today, Chuck! Just phenomenal!

  3. Chuck B.
    Chuck B.

    Thank you, Ron and Jim. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a great mountain climb. Very few cars. Plenty cold but that's good for a good mountain climb. I thought I was in Utah or Colorado!!

  4. Ben C.
    Ben C.

    Bummer about the HRM. Garmin's customer service has been good about replying quickly when I've asked them questions in the past. It might be worth contacting them. Great ride today!

  5. Chuck B.
    Chuck B.

    Photos and movies at https://plus.google.com/photos/117894114962436854857/albums/6133374772978095009