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11/15/2012 Gisenyi, Western Province, Rwanda

  • 9.7km
  • 47:03
    Moving Time
  • 4:50/km
    Avg Pace
  • 822


  1. Clara Hughes

    last run in rwanda...we travel to Uganda this morning. Okay...if you are interested trying to come to Rwanda with ME and RIGHT TO PLAY...go to this link and VOTE for me (the facebook page describes the whole deal)....here is the link. I have to win the votes for you to have a chance so the more people the better (it's free to join and vote!) http://www.facebook.com/RightToPlayCAN/app_373703609371467

  2. Clara Hughes

    Here's a blog about what's going on here with Level the field http://clara-hughes.com/play-for-peace-with-right-to-play/

  3. Kenneth Trueman

    Which one is yours Clara ? There are 6 things we can vote for ...

  4. Clara Hughes

    Play for Peace!

  5. Kenneth Trueman

    Found it but the title is actually "We Build Peace" (of the 6 choices available). I voted for you !

  6. Danny S.

    Voted for your team.

  7. Ranjit Kalita


  8. Clara Hughes

    thanks everyone!