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MAF test mile 3 - 7, Boston marathon in 17 days

  • 9.0mi
  • 58:04
    Moving Time
  • 6:27/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,171


  1. Marcel Appelman 🇳🇱

    Moejje nie de Rotterdam Marathon rennen? Lekker plat, goed voor een PR enzo.

  2. Floris Gierman

    Boston is downhill met paar keer klimmen! Die van Rotterdam lijkt me ook vet, veel goeie gasten daar!

  3. Clinton C.

    Boston is net downhill but has over 1000 feet of climbing. Trust me, hit the hills. Like a 12 mile tempo with 3 more at the end in hills. The Newton Hills crushed me and I live in the hills!

  4. David L.

    6:12 is an aerobic pace?!?

  5. Cheyenon Ibarra


  6. Paul Sinclair

    You are ready!

  7. Rich Roberts

    Awesome MAF, that should give confidence for a great time. Good luck Flo!!

  8. Floris Gierman

    @ Clinton - yes the hills are definitely on my mind since it crushes many runners! The climbs I've found on Strava from different athletes on the course are between 558-621 ft total (https://www.strava.com/running-races/2014-boston-marathon).  I have no clue how it's going to go, we'll see!

  9. Floris Gierman

    @david - on a flat course for 5 miles it is, with hills it's an entire different story!

  10. Floris Gierman

    Cheers Richard, it gave confidence but then some weirdness in my right knee these last few days is scaring me! Hopefully it's minor and will go away soon.

  11. Clinton C.

    Just enjoy Boston. I took the race too seriously and shot for a PR on a hot and hilly course and came up short. Next time I run it I'm gonna just chill and have fun, maybe even drink a beer on course. Remember to stop and give a Wesley College girl a kiss at mile 16!

  12. Floris Gierman

    hahaha, thanks for the good advice Clinton. I definitely want to enjoy the race and take in the entire experience. Cheers!