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It's an efficient day when you're 40km into the ride at 7:20am.

  • 90.8mi
  • 5,775ft
  • 4:58:54
    Moving Time
  • 3,961
  • 148
    Suffer Score


  1. Jordan K.
    Jordan K.

    That's taking a TMR+ to a whole new level!

  2. Jason Milliron

    Cool seeing you on TMR!

  3. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    I had a feeling this would be more like TMR++ after Jason's ride title--"Now with more Ted King."

  4. Ronnie Spivey

    Man. That I awesome!!

  5. Keith W.
    Keith W.

    Ted - I saw your mug shot at Lafesta Pizza in Dover NH today. What's your favorite slice there? ;-)

  6. Ted King

    Keith, can't go wrong with buffalo chicken. Little heat, tons of flavor. Or just get some garlic knots, cause they're ridiculously good. Tell Robert I said hello.

  7. Keith W.
    Keith W.

    Will do..He actually came in while we were eating. Best pizza I've had, since moving from NY 12 years ago. Cheers.

  8. Ted King

    Yes, yes it is. Glad you found it!