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04/04/2015 Lynchburg, Virginia - Thunder Ridge with Joe

  • 78.1mi
  • 8,107ft
  • 5:32:47
    Moving Time
  • 3,337


  1. B. Trisch B.

    Yayayayay. Glad you finally got out!!

  2. mark kohl

    8000 ft of climbing. Nice

  3. kevin koffke

    Wow nice job Mark

  4. Chuck Gilbert

    How could you have ridden with Joe? He rode with us! Also, the only way OUR Joe is climbing 8000 ft is in a plane! HA!
    Nice job Mark!

  5. Terry G.

    8000ft all in one spot? You couldn't spread it out some?

  6. June G.

    Great job Mark!!

  7. Glenn Stephenson

    Nice ride. Weather? Did Haney make it down?

  8. Samer E.

    Great ride Mark! Crazy climbing!

  9. Mark Detweiler

    Thanks all. was a great climb. Going to try Mt Mitchell next I think

  10. Brian Kopp

    Awesome Mark!

  11. Steve G.

    I think that may be the most frightening profile I have ever seen. Hope it isn't as bad as it looks.

  12. Mark Detweiler

    What's weird about it is the flat looking parts were actually around 100 feet per mile, you just can't tell. The main climb is actually easy, very consistent grade and never too steep

  13. Mike Bonner

    Sounds like my kindof mountain

  14. Mark Detweiler

    Agreed. For my money these types of climbs are easier than what we're doing in wv.