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TMCC Bright Day 3: 3 Peaks!!!

  • 251.2km
  • 4,874m
  • 9:33:17
    Moving Time
  • 7,430
  • 260
    Suffer Score


  1. Alan Naughton

    Just an awesome ride - well done Eamonn

  2. Misel S.

    Congrats Eamonn - a few more well deserved KOMs...

  3. Dave Dufour

    Freaking awesome !!! Great job to you and all the TMCC Boys for doing the "Free Peaks" ! I've entered for my second consecutive year of the 3 Peaks Challenge 2013 - and understand what an absolute ball buster of a ride this is ! Please pass on congrats to all of TMCC ...

  4. Dave Dufour

    KOM on the cflimb from WTF Corner ? Simply incredible !!!

  5. Chris Brown

    Awesome to get KOM on that climb after almost 200km!

  6. Gareth P.

    Awesome riding Eamonn. It was a pleasure riding with you when I could. Good luck in a couple of weeks, you'll give 'em a fright...

  7. Justin Coulson | CycleSport Collective

    Looking forward to seeing all the trophies after the race!