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06/04/2015 Marion, North Carolina - Mt Mitchell with Jeff

  • 68.5mi
  • 7,851ft
  • 4:03:46
    Moving Time
  • 3,389


  1. Glenn Stephenson

    Mount Mitchell is a fun one

  2. Mark Detweiler

    Yeah I had a blast, great day in the saddle

  3. Mike Bonner

    Looks like a nice ride how are your legs feeling so far?

  4. Mark Detweiler

    Some knee pain partway up the climb but I rode through it and it went away. Legs are tired but fine. I'm sure I'm slowing down some though

  5. Brian Kopp

    Great job Mark!

  6. Mike Bonner

    You have my permission to continue slowing down this week.

  7. Mark Detweiler

    Thanks Brian.

    Mike I'll be plenty slow by Thursday, never fear

  8. June G.

    Awesome job Mark!

  9. B. Trisch B.

    Isn't there a bike race to the top of this each year?

  10. Mark Detweiler

    I think so, it's an informal race, gran Fondo type thing. The best times are crazy fast

  11. Brent Vollrath

    That's good stuff!  

  12. Mark Detweiler

    Thanks June and Brent