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LSR commute 2

  • 17.7mi
  • 2:31:13
    Moving Time
  • 8:30/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,665


  1. Trevor W.

    I hope the "S" wasn't intended to mean "slow" Ken, 'cos that's a great pace for a long training run

  2. Chris Marritt

    Stunning double run Ken! Amazing mileage and the pace is good too. Bravo!

  3. Johnny Logan

    Bloody hell, sleep well!

  4. Ken Hughes

    Thanks Chris. Must say, I am pretty pleased... :-)

  5. Ken Hughes

    That is definitely on the cards Johnny!

  6. Andrew Fletcher

    Excellent job Ken, a great days work!

  7. Bruce M.

    Negative split on the morning run too.

  8. Andy T.

    Good day

  9. Nick Silcox

    Great effort Ken. But don't overdo it and keep it easy, as we both know what happens.

  10. Ken Hughes

    Thanks Nick, that was my last big tester... Now into the last 3 week panic of "don't get injured", " don't pick up a cold" etc.