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Kromdraai Everest

  • 308.4km
  • 9,003m
  • 15:10:09
    Moving Time
  • 10,819


  1. Riaan M.
    Riaan Malan

    Well done Flip. Flippen goed gepace. Jy gaan seker vir baie lank nie weer in daardie straat op ry nie?

  2. Carl S.
    Carl Scholtz

    Brilliant Philip! Congrats!

  3. Johan C.
    johan conradie

    WOW and I mean that!! Great achievement.

  4. Terence T.
    Terence T.

    Hope you are resting your legs today

  5. Christo W.
    Christo W.

    Amazing!!! Wat jou laat besluit om dit te doen?

  6. Johann  J D.
    Johann J Du Plessis

    Well done what an amazing accomplishment Neef

  7. Reuben O.
    Reuben Opperman

    Liewe ouers?

  8. Robert L.
    Robert Lofthouse

    Lost for words. That is one serious piece of riding. well done.

  9. Frans H.
    Frans H.

    HUUUUGE respect!!! Well done!!!!

  10. Philip F.
    Philip F.

    Thank you everyone.
    It was just an itch that needed scratching. Not recommended though. ;)

  11. Reuben O.
    Reuben Opperman

    Panorama Tour in your street! Booja!

  12. Andy V.
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Hells yes! Well done on busting your way into the www.everesting.cc hall of fame!

  13. Brett S.
    Brett Scheepers

    Awesome ride!

  14. George M.
    George M.

    Well done! Great to see an Everest ride in the city where I went to school (all those decades ago...)

  15. David T.
    David Truter

    Well done Philip!