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5 Dam solo

  • 243.8km
  • 2,681m
  • 8:49:47
    Moving Time
  • 5,389


  1. Anonymous A.
    Anonymous A.

    Faaarrrrrkkkk thats crazy bro....:-)

  2. Jens V.
    Jens V.

    Yes Strava you are right - that is one epic ride!

  3. Amanda N.
    Amanda N.

    Crikey Mr Breed that's commitment!!! Go sit yourself in a bucket of ice now :-).

  4. Sam S.
    Sam Stevens

    You are the MAN!

  5. Christoph M.
    Christoph M.

    that's worth a big Christmas dinner !!!

  6. Alistair D.
    alistair dickinson

    same again tomorrow?

  7. Szabi B.
    Szabi Bandli

    nice effort

  8. Malcolm F.
    Malcolm Frost

    256 tomorrow, job done!

  9. N G.
    N G.

    That´s a BIG ride!!! Is summer there?

  10. Jordan B.
    Jordan Brock

    What the fuck?

  11. Dave M.
    Dave McCormack

    Well done - half your Rapha 500 done in one go. I never did the 5 dams ride when I lived in Perth. Must do it next time I'm back.