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ridden on the fixed

  • 65.8km
  • 223m
  • 2:20:18
    Moving Time
  • 1,231
  • 56
    Suffer Score


  1. Strava A.
    Strava A.


  2. Barry K.
    Barry K.

    Pro's ride fixed?!

  3. Lubomir L.
    Lubomir Lubas

    old school winter training

  4. Brandon W.
    Brandon W.

    My fixie arrives next week, can not wait.

  5. Steve H.
    Steve H.

    Without brakes I hope?

  6. Bruce H.
    Bruce Hotaling

    You are Strava Man! Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Darío L.
    Darío Luaces

    Awesome! please post a pic of your fixed gear bike!

  8. Jeroen S.
    Jeroen S.

    about 16million dutch people ride a fixie!! with brakes mind you

  9. Laurens T.
    Laurens ten Dam

    pics on twitter once in a while! like this one.

  10. Harry J.
    Harry Jones

    Its really nice to know even the pro's ride old school bikes! Keepin' it real!

  11. Darío L.
    Darío Luaces

    Very nice Giovanni frame...with front brake, well done Laurens

  12. Nikita L.
    Nikita L.

    What gearing were you running?

  13. Vince J.
    Vince Jewlal


  14. David S.
    David S.

    well done fellow hipster :)

  15. Fast X Fishy B.
    Fast X Fishy B.

    its time for a Brooklyn Machine Works innit?