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LKHC Mt. Ham

  • 37.8mi
  • 4,925ft
  • 2:12:50
    Moving Time
  • 1,801


  1. Ernest S.

    Blazing fast Hamilton ascent, outstanding!

    LKHC is the best.

  2. Dan V.

    I yelled at you when you were descending, not sure if you heard me.

  3. Josh Pizzica

    Thanks Ernest.
    Dan. I thought that was you. didn't hear you. Nor did i expect to see you climbing mt. Hamilton this morning. Thats awesome! Couple hours earlier and you could have cimbed with 150 close friends. Sorry to hear about your garmin. Did somebody take it at the top?

  4. Dan V.

    I didn't get out to SJ until 11:30am so I missed the LKHC. Yeah, someone swiped my Garmin while I was in the bathroom for a couple minutes! There were only 7 people up there at the time, and nobody would fess up to it. Total BS, because it was a PR for me... Take the bike, but leave the garmin!

  5. Josh Pizzica

    Exactly. Stealing bike computers? eft up.