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Bottisham 10 - 21:15, hit for 6 by Big Felix!

  • 16.2km
  • 91m
  • 21:14
    Moving Time
  • 593


  1. Shadow T.

    What you thinking on position?

  2. Luke Hattersley

    Fast but lost an awful lot of power and my helmet won't let me get my head low enough! Gonna stick with it for now

  3. Shadow T.

    You know where you can get a new go faster helmet right?;)

  4. Luke Hattersley

    Salesman of the year this one

  5. Luke Hattersley

    I already owe you 2 sodding grand

  6. Shadow T.

    hahaa I know the feeling!

  7. Edmund Bradbury - PeDaLED JLT Condor

    What helmet are you riding?

  8. Luke Hattersley

    It's a giro selector. Feel like the tail is getting in the way so going to try a shorter one.

  9. Edmund Bradbury - PeDaLED JLT Condor

    Are you on the short tail version of the selector? Or do you have the deep tail on?

  10. Luke Hattersley

    It's the shallower of the two

  11. Edmund Bradbury - PeDaLED JLT Condor

    I had a similar issue with the selector. Also with the lazer wasp. Got pushed up on my back which would force the front over my eyes.

  12. Luke Hattersley

    Exactly that! I saw you've been riding a bambino lately so I was going to try something similar, though still not going to be as aero as you ;-)

  13. Shadow T.

    Do you know who has a Bambino in stock with your name written on it? cause i do..