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24/11/2012 Rode under a flying kangaroo

  • 108.7km
  • 1,482m
  • 3:45:37
    Moving Time
  • 2,934


  1. Ian McGregor

    Going down Wild Dog at 60 clicks, a roo just comes out of the sky from the high side of the rode. Its little paws came up to shield it's wide eyed face as I ducked and let it pass over the top of me. aargh

  2. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Ayy Caramba!! Glad that ended well!

  3. Ian McGregor

    who was more freaked out?? me the roo or Gags and Dave who saw it all up ahead of them

  4. Ian McGregor

    HR on that segment shows the point of flyover :D

  5. Sean Young - PEAK CYCLES

    Giving me flash backs. Glad you're ok!

  6. Keiran S.
    Keiran S.

    Oh man... I visualize stuff like that when I'm bombing the doggy.....lucky man.

  7. Jason M.
    Jason M.

    Glad you're okay Ezz! Bloody Hell if it's not hoons, it's roos.

  8. Adrian Gallagher

    I reckon I saw my life flash before my eyes, me and DC looked at eachother like we'd just seen a flying saucer. And bugger me if the other roos were't egging that roo on....wait..wait... now, the big guy on the ridley.....glad your'e ok !

  9. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    I bet it looked just like this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIzQyskCEPs