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04/25/2015 Mallorca 312!

Rit 25 april 2015
  • 311,5km
  • 6.370m
  • 11:04:59
  • 7.039
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  1. tony sheppard

    Well done Richard, amazing average speed

  2. Jo T.

    Well done Richard nearly 200 miles in one day bonkers but amazing !!

  3. Christopher Durham www.chrisdurham.me

    Great riding Richie :)

  4. Rich Robinson

    Thanks guys. Everything went right!

  5. Richard W.

    Excellent matey

  6. Paul Carvill

    Well done Rich

  7. Simon Warren @100Climbs

    Massive! Well done!

  8. Claire D.

    Fantastic, well done and loving the map

  9. Nige S.

    Just awesome!

  10. Neil P.

    That's a huge effort, bloody well done.

  11. Rebecca U.

    Brilliant! That map is very impressive.

  12. Mark Leek

    Well done Rich

  13. Patrick L.

    Epic Ride Rich