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04/25/15 Devil Mountain Double - Freezing Cold Descents - Perfect climbing weather in the middle of the day - Incredible support!! - A day we will always remember

  • 206.5mi
  • 21,033ft
  • 18:04:26
    Moving Time
  • 8,018
  • 507
    Suffer Score


  1. Rod P.
    Rod P.

    Nice job Chuck! You're making me feel lazy by skipping it this year.

  2. Chuck B.
    Chuck B.

    My photos and short videos including some inspirational music is at https://plus.google.com/photos/117894114962436854857/albums/6142185183010338577

  3. Molly B.
    Molly B.

    Wow,Chuck!! Very impressive! This double is my goal for next year. : /

  4. Dee Anne D.
    Dee Anne D.

    Holy crap, 21000 feet of climbing. I am not worthy!

  5. Darrell G.
    Darrell G.

    Well done Chuck!

  6. Earl K.
    Earl Kluth

    Amazing ride, good job Chuck!

  7. H Eal Ca Ncer P.
    HEal CANcer Pointer

    Awesome ride Chuck.

  8. Bosticman !.
    Bosticman !.

    Thank you so much for the pull from the top of Patterson to the rest stop at mile 91.

  9. Chuck B.
    Chuck B.

    Rod, you are so amazing ... flying on your bike on these things ... smoking them down.  I just slowly crank through them somehow with the help of some Neil Young, Killers, and Pearl Jam.  :)

    Molly, this is one REALLY HARD RIDE.  But you can do it because the support is incredible.  I think there were over 20 people at the mile 180 Rest Stop and I didn't get there until like Midnight!!

    DeeAnne, you are most worthy.  The take home message is: You can do these things!!

    Thank you Darrell, Earl, and Larry.  Bosticman, it was a pleasure pulling you from the top of Patterson Pass.  I was just so glad for some little downhill, that I didn't even know you were there.  :)


  10. Willie H.
    Willie Hunt

    Awesome job Chuck!  But what I want to know is how your GPS got 21.0K feet climbing and George V's got 18.6K feet?  

  11. Chuck B.
    Chuck B.

    I enjoyed the last half mile of the Diablo climb that I did Hill Repeats up there in the morning, Willie.  :)

  12. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Great job Chuck! OMG, suffer score 507 and you are still singing the praises of this ride. You are amazing, I so enjoy your enthusiasm, and all you do for our sport!

  13. Scarlett R.
    Scarlett R.

    Wow awesome, great job Grim Reaper, it was fun meet n' greet with you at Onyx yesterday!