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Quarry to Browns to Shortcut

  • 15.1mi
  • 2,984ft
  • 2:44:36
    Moving Time
  • 10:52/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,690


  1. William L.
    William Lowe

    Great hill workout! K2 is always fun.

  2. Tony G.
    Tony Giglini

    Thanks for tacking on that extra K2 Loop. Was so much fun.lol.

  3. Tony G.
    Tony Giglini

    Did I get the Goat Hil Segment right?

  4. Billy G.
    Billy Goat

    @William, thanks! Yeah, k2 was fun, especially 10 miles into it ha! @Tony - You should have!

  5. Billy G.
    Billy Goat

    @Tony - Ah no you didn't, looks like you were robbed!

  6. Tony G.
    Tony Giglini

    Can we delete it and re-enter it? Where was it?

  7. Tony G.
    Tony Giglini

    I created the Goat Hill segment. I was asking if I got the segment right when I created it?

  8. Billy G.
    Billy Goat

    Yup, segment looks right on!

  9. William L.
    William Lowe

    @ both you and Tony... Good luck in this weekends race!

  10. Tony G.
    Tony Giglini

    Thanks Will, going to need it in this wind and rain. Craziness.