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Quarry to Browns to Shortcut

  • 15.1mi
  • 2,984ft
  • 2:44:36
    Moving Time
  • 10:52/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,690


  1. William Lowe

    Great hill workout! K2 is always fun.

  2. Tony Giglini

    Thanks for tacking on that extra K2 Loop. Was so much fun.lol.

  3. Tony Giglini

    Did I get the Goat Hil Segment right?

  4. Billy Goat 🐐

    @William, thanks! Yeah, k2 was fun, especially 10 miles into it ha! @Tony - You should have!

  5. Billy Goat 🐐

    @Tony - Ah no you didn't, looks like you were robbed!

  6. Tony Giglini

    Can we delete it and re-enter it? Where was it?

  7. Tony Giglini

    I created the Goat Hill segment. I was asking if I got the segment right when I created it?

  8. Billy Goat 🐐

    Yup, segment looks right on!

  9. William Lowe

    @ both you and Tony... Good luck in this weekends race!

  10. Tony Giglini

    Thanks Will, going to need it in this wind and rain. Craziness.