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Valley and Ocean 600k Audax On ElliptiGO

  • 375.8mi
  • 15,300ft
  • 30:19:28
    Moving Time
  • 24,727
  • 847
    Suffer Score


  1. Chris Zito -.

    Amazing!!!!  Looks like instead of a 2-hour nap, you could have gotten 4 hours because you finished with 2 hours to spare!  Well done, Bill!

  2. Chris Zito -.

    Looks like a beautiful route, but I'm curious why/how you chose that route?  Was it pre-designated for this purpose (and were there other riders?)  If not, why not do a colossal 600k tour of San Diego County?

  3. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    Hi Chris - Audax is pretty strict - there are control points, lots of safety considerations, obligatory climbing and distance. The French organization (ACP) delegates to Randonneur USA (RUSA) who has organizers who submit rides which need review and approval - then you just turn up and ride it (and go to all the controls including secret one) You have a 'Brevet' card which you fill in and hand in at the end. These people are sticklers for detail! Lose your Brevet card and you're stuffed - no qualifying ride - no PBP entry!

  4. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    This particular Audax was designed with a 2am night start like the start time for PBP - with half the climbing of the PBP too.

  5. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    oh - and I didn't nap for 2 hours - I wish I had though - I ate two plates of lasagna, drank lots of fluids, had a shower, recharged/swapped all the baterries out and had *21* mins of sleep. Next time need more! Was horrible later..

  6. Anissa ".

    Wow what a remarkable ride, Bill!! I can't imagine doing that much riding on very little sleep with all the strict conditions that you have to adhere to, for PBP!! Your an inspiration to us all!!

  7. Mark Bennett

    Wow - pretty amazing Bill. If you want a nice easy ride & you happen to be in UK in Summer, look up the Dunwich Dynamo. I did it a while ago, it's a night ride to the Suffolk beach from Hackney - a mere 110 miles, starts at around 9-10pm. All begin by a group of London couriers who just wanted to ¨go to the beach¨ at the end of a day's work!

  8. Jackie Cipriani *L'Ascenders*

    WOW!!! ONLY you could find something MORE EPIC than BWR15!!!!! EXTREMELY OUTSTANDING!!!

  9. Daniel Cipriani L^A^scenders

    Congrats on another epic accomplishment

  10. Mel Bingham

    Wow, wow, wow. GO You good thing!

  11. Adam Bickett

    Awesome Bill. Great route too - climbing back-loaded. Feeling PBP ready??

  12. Gary Hartrick

    That is a big ride Bill great job!!!

  13. Dan Palmatier

    What?!! I thought I was reading Km's when I first saw this (which would still be impressive) but no, those are miles!!! Amazing!!!

  14. JT Theodossi - Swamis

    Holy Cow Bill! your doing a lot of miles on that Elliptigo- amazing

  15. Dan Palmatier

    Meaning first thing I saw was 375 miles, duh the thing is actually called correctly 600K

  16. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    Thanks everyone! Big relief to qualify for the PBP in France with the 200, 300, 400 and 600k completed. The night start and approximately half PBP elevation gain are good confidence builders for August but I'm far from 'ready' Adam!

  17. Todd Gunther

    Holy Eliptago madness! Hell of a ride Bill! HUGE kudos and congrats you animal!

  18. Jane LeGOre - ElliptiGO

    Bravo & Congratulations!!!

  19. Rick Bienias - ElliptiGO

    Extraordinary, Bill. Congrats.

  20. Deborah 0.

    Missed you at BWR!

  21. John Mistler

    A great accomplishment Bill

  22. Peter Montgomery

    Good lord Bill, makes my upcoming ride pale into insignificance! I'm very impressed!

  23. John P.

    Nice ride Bill, glad you skipped the nap at mile 335 and very cool that strava counts it as one ride. I thought it might get split.

  24. Chris Zito -.

    Here's some perspective... I did 6 repeats of the Cabrillo Tide Pools this morning (10.8 miles, 1.1 hours). I would have to do about 35 repeats of my 6 repeats (210 total) to equal Bill's accomplishment. Mind boggling!

  25. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    Hey John. My only gripe with Strava is that they limit the Gran Fondo challenge each month to rides under 24hrs - so this didn't count! Boohoo :)

  26. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    Pete - London to Paris in 24hrs is way cool and a significant ride by the looks of it! You'll have a blast. Plus the enforced rest on the ferry is a good time for some zzzz 's :)

  27. Stephane Etienne

    I bow before you, your majesty!!!

  28. Michael D T.

    Dude. Thanks for noticing the change in speed - due to a new carbon bike. We're all looking forward to seeing you soon.