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Charles Wyrick

Little Rock, AR
  • 159
  • 3,176.1
    miles Ridden
  • 115

Rock City Races - SOMA - Cat 4/5

Ride May 3, 2015
  • 18.1mi
  • 366ft
  • 46:39
    Moving Time
  • 839
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  1. Scott H.

    I've got some money for you.   Are you going to the gunslinger ride on Tuesday?

  2. Charles Wyrick

    Huh? Did I win a Prime? Don't think I can make Gunslingers. U doing Wednesday out West or Thursday? Or Saturday morning?

  3. Scott H.

    Your share of winnings from me and Travis. I might do Thursday and will definitely try to do Saturday. Haven't even been around the lake this year. I will let you know if I go.

  4. Charles Wyrick

    Right on. Gimmie a shout. I haven't done the lake loop yet either this year.

  5. Charles Wyrick

    And no worries on the $$. Enjoyed racing w/ y'all! Looking fwd 2 more Crits this month.