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Riding that dadgum run outta the legs! SOOORE

  • 94.3mi
  • 6,438ft
  • 5:05:01
    Moving Time


  1. Bob McCall

    You got two more miles than me today but I beat you in climbing With 7000 feet

  2. Paul A.

    Bob, note Ben's avg. ride temperature. What was it in LV today, 80 deg. F like it was here in Phoenix? I'd spot him the 500' just for the temp difference.

  3. Jeffrey Jenkins

    Come on 48 degrees is balmy this time of year

  4. Jonathan F.

    HEY BOB...did you run a cold, hilly 10k in under 45 min yesterday? NOPE.

  5. Brian Honsinger

    It's a horse!

  6. Mike fn Smith

    ...or a dragon!

  7. james selman

    a rook. checkmate.