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No pacing just raw November time trial SPEED. #ritmo

  • 94.1km
  • 589m
  • 2:29:49
    Moving Time
  • 83
    Relative Effort


  1. Anthony N.

    That's impressive.

  2. Anthony N.

    That's impressive.

  3. Landry Bobo

    You're flying!

  4. mike 'GeekonaBike' kunnecke

    All caps 'SPEED' is Right! I'm in Awe

  5. Vincent Vergara www.Vincent-Vergara.com

    Wish we could see heart rate data too

  6. Tim B.

    Machines don't have heart rates!

  7. Mike Souza


  8. H P.

    Yeah rip that big ring apart!

  9. Strava A.


  10. Sarah "Disco Dolly" (.

    Speedy Gonzales :)

  11. Gabriel Constantin

    half hour "beer" stop :)

  12. mal may

    I wish I could see the watts

  13. Vincent Vergara www.Vincent-Vergara.com

    I want to see HR because it would be ridiculous to see how fast he goes when he's taking it easy lol

  14. mal may

    Nah, I have high heart rate walking up the stairs, and low numbers when in bed. I want to see numbers I don't see too often on a bike. Power. The man is a power machine. I want to see him digging it out.

  15. Brandon Andrew

    I agree. Definitely want to see some power numbers!

  16. mal may

    Hey Brandon, you and I rode together with Cadence. The hilly Delaware ride with Ryan, Cleave etc. Hope you are doing well. I have followed you to see that you keep out there. :-)

  17. Eric Z.

    I saw you flying through Hygiene. So glad I was on the other side of the road....