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Kindberg Hill Climb. 4th.

  • 6.1km
  • 499m
  • 20:39
    Moving Time
  • 484


  1. Thomas Winkler


  2. András Lukoviczki

    Nice 20mins power avg! You should increase your FTP slowly, dont You think? Or there is too many offset on Pioneer?

  3. Jürgen Pansy

    It was almost exactly the same watts than last year (http://jpansy.at/2014/05/12/kindberger-bergrennen-2014/) and last year i did 1h@328W a few weeks later. So 325-330w is about it. Pioneer watts now seem to nicely match up with vectors. Anyhow, looks like this year is the first year in which i can't improve anymore. So from next year onwards the downward, aging spiral is about to kick in ... :-(

  4. András Lukoviczki

    As i see, in last year it was apprx 20m@338W and now it's 20m@355W, it is "not so bad" anyway..., great improving (both physically and mentally). I dont think You cant improve anymore, just it slowed down, stagnating a bit now, and very hard to increase even a smaller value too. Btw, ~5,24W/kg/CP60 is more than great knowing You started to cycling at age 35 (lower base VO2Max, the volleyball couldnt increase it enough in your younger ages)

  5. Jürgen Pansy

    No, 338w was 2011 (my first race with a license). Last year was ~355w (like this year).

  6. Jürgen Pansy

    And CP60 is at 5.0 (at best) - which is (still) enough to have lot's of fun on amateur level ;-)

  7. András Lukoviczki

    Yes, You are right,  it was my bad (i opened bad link and didnt check the timestamp... :)). I know its still enough, i would be the most happy if i could reach this level once...

  8. tilo zimmermann

    where is the heart-rate? it´s not interesting for you? you only to look for watt or what :-)

  9. Peter Widmer

    Perhaps, your body invested the whole potential (for increasing the level) in required adaptions for running...

  10. Jürgen Pansy

    @Tilo: Yes. Don't really care about HR (especially on such short rides). Also don't like the tight belt around my chest.

  11. Jürgen Pansy

    @Helios: Not shure about the potential, but for shure running (esp. the races) did drain my battery more than just cycling would have. More fatigue = longer recovery = less training.

  12. Attila "ave" Antal

    Very nice finishing 30 seconds, after 20 minutes of full gas!

  13. Jürgen Pansy

    Team tactics. My teammate went off at the 1000m mark. So i was waiting until the 250m mark with my effort.