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VC Oyster sportive (+ there and back) - First group home

  • 80.8mi
  • 3,146ft
  • 3:59:46
    Moving Time
  • 3,148
  • 284
    Relative Effort


  1. Alex Davie

    21.4 not including the 'Tour de Mersea' , not bad

  2. Paul W.

    Good work fella & well done for yesterday!

  3. Peter Shaw

    Not bad at all! The North Hill selection left a good group. I was really suffering after that.

  4. Gavin W.

    Great riding bud.

  5. Bob B.

    Nice one Pete

  6. Jamil S.

    Smashing ride guys, esp. Pete after his ride yesterday too.

  7. Paul R.

    here here. Great perseverance Pete.

  8. Peter Shaw

    I'm feeling alright now but I know tomorrow is going to hurt. I was really suffering from North Hill onwards, seemed to coincide with you two getting in the front for some reason....

  9. Ian F.

    Great riding Pete.