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North Face 50(ish) Mile E.C., 6.5 hours, 9000+ ft, mudfest

  • 46.9mi
  • 9,161ft
  • 6:27:23
    Moving Time
  • 8:16/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,528


  1. Devon Y.
    Devon Yanko

    Way to go Galen!!!

  2. Ethan N.
    Ethan Newberry

    I did the 50k and can't fathom your pace for the 50miler. Huge congrats, man!!

  3. Kristin B.
    Kristin Burrell

    Way to finish strong!!!

  4. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    Just looking through top times up Bobcat today. Great run fellow ambassador!

  5. Matt G.
    Matt Galland

    Incredible pace Galen, especially considering how tough, slippery, and compleely soaking wet the trails were" Nice work!!

  6. Galen B.
    Galen Burrell

    Thanks guys. It was a tough day out there and 50 miles is never easy (or so I gather). But it was a positive experience and I learned a lot.

  7. Gary W.
    Gary W.

    Very nice!! Congrats.

  8. Brett R.
    Brett Rivers

    congrats buddy! a 12:50 and 11:30 that 2nd time out of MB, I cant even imagine what the mud was like by that point

  9. Roddy W.
    Roddy Wykes

    Astonishing! Well done Galen!

  10. Dan L.
    Dan Linstead 4TCC

    Awesome mate... What did you eat/drink to keep your energy up?

  11. Gary G.
    Gary Gellin

    Galen - great running with you on Saturday even though I don't remember where I passed you. The results show you behind a fellow from S.F. named "John R. Durand" who started in the third wave (but had a faster gun time than you by a handful of seconds). Is that legit ???????????????????????????

  12. Gary G.
    Gary Gellin

    Gary Gellin Galen - say that ten times fast

  13. Galen B.
    Galen Burrell

    @Dan: I ate 8 gels, 2 packs of Chomps, salt caps, and 1 to 3 cups of pepsi at every aid station.

  14. Galen B.
    Galen Burrell

    @Gary: I saw that. I would defer to precedent set by other races (NYC marathon, etc), but to me, if you start at a different time you are running a different race. I would like to think i would have fought someone off in the end if the difference was only a handful of seconds. But since i'm not in the money anyway, i suppose it doesn't matter a whole lot.

  15. Gary G.
    Gary Gellin

    It's definitely an error in the results. I've got a note in to the RD. The same guy bumped the otherwise 45+ age group winner down to 2nd place. Then all we have to do is find just one doper and you've got yourself a top 20 result in the most competitive North American ultramarathon ever!

  16. Dan L.
    Dan Linstead 4TCC

    Cheers for info mate...much appreciated...havent had chomps in years! im going to get some now....anyway so in between aid stations did you just have water in you backback or bottle? How many aid station were there?

  17. Gary G.
    Gary Gellin

    Ok, got you up to 21st place.

  18. Galen B.
    Galen Burrell

    @Dan, there were aid stations every 4-5 miles. I carried a water bottle with just water in it... Sometimes a mix of water and electrolyte drink.

  19. Galen B.
    Galen Burrell

    My race report here: http://galengray.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/another-look-at-ultras-tnf50-round-2/

  20. Dan L.
    Dan Linstead 4TCC

    Cheers Galen ... yeh checked it out...21st welldone!! you've done afew EPICS!! marathons used to be enough...lol