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05/17/2015 Templestowe, Victoria, Australia

  • 21.3km
  • 2:03:31
    Moving Time
  • 5:48/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,699


  1. Rohan D.

    Lovely run Pete.... Happy half marathon day! Take the rest of the day off...lol

  2. Pete Johns

    It *was* a lovely run, Rohan! Perfect conditions for a run around Westerfolds Park, having missed it yesterday. Decided to try going around clockwise for a change, which turned out to feel much easier on the legs (tomorrow will be the test). I even bumped into some of our friends on the way around. To make up the HM distance after four laps, I did a final climb to the manor and back down the descent — beating my previous PR for that stretch! That was a surprise!

  3. Lee Saccuzzo

    Nice to see you this morning Pete.  Great run too! 

  4. Pete Johns

    Nice to see you, too, Lee! Beautiful morning for a run around Westerfolds.

  5. Narelle L.

    Great running Pete. It was good to see you. Freezing but lovely morning. 

  6. Pete Johns

    Thanks! My fingers were numb on the first lap but had warmed up into the second. Such a nice morning for it!

  7. Lynda A.

    Congratulations-I did it last year & it was great.

  8. Steve Johns

    Good going Pete! I have 16 weeks to get to that distance.... Perhaps I should aim for 10km first

  9. Pete Johns

    Thanks folks.
    Steve: Build up slowly… if you add 10% onto your long run each week you'll be at HM distance in 16 weeks and reduce your injury risk. Don't overdo it!