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Dec 3, 2012 ride to yoga in the jungle

  • 9.6mi
  • 487ft
  • 40:37
    Moving Time
  • 305


  1. Peter Salomon

    have you rode in Anahola valley yet? some nice trails in that valley. If you ever make it to Maui we have some killer trails over here as well. check in with Donnie at http://www.gocyclingmaui.com/ we have access to some private land with unforgetable trails more on the xc side than big drops...

  2. Geezer MacD

    Welcome back to Kauai, FYI Group rides Friday's and Sundays

  3. lea davison

    Hey Peter! I haven't ridden a anahola yet but I would love to. Thanks for the heads up on Maui too. Would love to check out that island.

  4. lea davison

    Thanks Neil! I only brought my road bike this time around

  5. Peter Salomon

    Come over for the day. Bring your saddle and peddles, We can set you up on a specialized rental bike. Ride up the crater? 10,000 ft 36 miles. After that it's guilt free late lunch! You could be back in Kauai by dinner