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A quick 30 and then Home for Dinner

  • 30.1mi
  • 1,814ft
  • 1:48:47
    Moving Time
  • 1,102
  • 41
    Suffer Score


  1. Karen J.
    Karen J.

    Better watch out.....Jonathan is catching up!!

  2. Buz "Poisonous Snake" F.
    Buz "Poisonous Snake" F.

    Karen, I think he's safe with a 600 mi lead, but you never know.....

  3. Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Woodbury

    He is not safe and he knows it. Not all of my miles show up in Strava. I am 11,703 now and Matt is at least 11,831. I think Matt has some more miles that don't show in Strava.

  4. Buz "Poisonous Snake" F.
    Buz "Poisonous Snake" F.

    What's this stealth miles Strava thing you refer to? It sounds like a form of Sandbagging to me.

  5. Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Woodbury

    Strava doesn't have all the rides. My database here does. Login with BuzFulton for user and password.

  6. Buz "Poisonous Snake" F.
    Buz "Poisonous Snake" F.

    Jonathan, I love the site and the name of it too. Thanks! Where are the additional miles coming from?

  7. Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Woodbury

    Trainer miles, rides GPS didn't work for all or part of the ride, rides set to private because they were too boring to post.

  8. "Evil" Matt P.
    "Evil" Matt P.

    I have a few extra miles that Strava does not see as well. Not as many as Jonathan, but a few. But the big question is, what are we basing the pointless yet fun competition on?

  9. Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Woodbury

    I notice that Strava does not include manually entered rides.in the mileage total. That explains most of the difference between my OCDCyclist total and the Strava Total.

    I suggest using the OCDCyclist site:


    On the Home page you should see a table with you and me and some others listed and this includes the year to date mileage and altitude gain. It imports public rides from Strava automatically. After imported you can edit them. You can add your other miles by creating a manual entry in Strava and it will come over. Or just change the distance in one of your existing rides to add the extra distance.

    You can view any Strava rider on this table. Go to the Social tab and add them using their StravaID. If the rider is not yet in OCDCyclist it will take an hour or so to retrieve the data. If somebody else like me is already following the rider then their data will show up right away.

  10. Mary B.
    Mary Bouchard

    I'm sorry, but I don't think trainer miles count Jonathan. Is there some sort of prize at the end of the year for the most miles? or the most climbing? Not that I need incentive or anything Buz, it's all good fun! But a good bottle of wine might just raise the stakes a little ;)

  11. Jack N.
    Jack N.

    Traininer miles don't count, never have, never will

  12. "Evil" Matt P.
    "Evil" Matt P.

    Wow, Jonathan. The votes are coming in and I did not even bribe them. Sounds like people don't like trainer miles. As for stakes, I like the bottle of wine idea but am happy with just the motivation it will provide through December. :-) BTW, I think Buz is out doing laps on Deer Creek as I type this. What are you doing Mary? :-)

  13. Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Woodbury

    Since I'll be doing lots of trainer miles no point then.

  14. "Evil" Matt P.
    "Evil" Matt P.

    I personally am fine with trainer miles. Whatever keeps it fun and motivating.

  15. Les "Island Boy" M.
    Les "Island Boy" M.

    Is a trainer a person, place or thing?