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Riding home

  • 1,286.3km
  • 27,743m
  • 60:00:43
    Moving Time
  • 11,060


  1. Jake B.

    I'm gonna read the full report later, but you're literally a mad man. Bravo man, bravo.

  2. Aaron O.

    I don't know you but this is solid....kudos

  3. James F.

    Proper ride that!! Mentalist!

  4. J P.

    superb. you should be linking to your story and ride on the TCR facebook group page, your epics are going unnoticed by your fellow racers and supporters.

  5. Sergio Azzini

    How do you recharge your Edge 1000 battery?

  6. james hayden

    A dynamo hub. And sinewave usb convertor.

  7. J P.

    Hi James just revisited this great ride, Hopefully in Italy to see you guys into CP2 this year, have to do this ride through Germany on the way back. roll on summer

  8. james hayden

    It’s a good route. Germany is a beautiful place to ride. Enjoy!