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Midtown terrace, Check + some other stuff - map

  • 16.4mi
  • 3,041ft
  • 1:24:13
    Moving Time
  • 946
  • 43
    Suffer Score


  1. Brooks S.
    Brooks S.

    Best ride notes ever.

  2. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    True story.

  3. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    so this trail that looks really promising: http://goo.gl/maps/dwv4G it's not.

  4. Lucas P.
    Lucas Pereira

    Any estimates of total mileage and climb for SF? I did most of Los Altos Hills in November, and it worked out to about 200 miles and 34,000 vertical feet (doing each road both directions, since most roads are dead ends). I'm guessing SF is, what, 5x that? (1000mi, 150K vertical)?

  5. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    I haven't even thought about climbing, but I think 150K could be about right. Though mileage I think is off. Back of envelope...SF is 7x7 approximate streets on grid at .1mi apart yields 4900mi as a first approximation. I'm bummed @strava got rid of tags as they would be useful for pulling data for this project.

  6. Lucas P.
    Lucas Pereira

    Poking around on the web, this ca.gov page says 930 non-freeway miles in SF county. Add in all the repeat miles, and you'll probably end up doing >2000..

  7. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    Data is always good. That seems better...I wonder where my estimate is off. spacing >> .1mi? not really 7 x 7...

  8. Lucas P.
    Lucas Pereira

    46 square miles. At .1mi apart, that'd be 10 vertical miles and 10 horizontal miles per square miles. That comes out to 20x46 = 920... very close to the reported number?

  9. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    oh, I see what I did...I found the area in 1/10ths of a mile (or something like that). For reference though the 12 "mapping" rides that I have done have yielded 289mi so far (Sunset, Richmond, Laruel heights, Midtown terrace). There are a fair number of miles in just getting to/from neighborhood. I try to do unique routes, but I imagine this is much overlap.

  10. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree


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  11. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    Hey Lucas,
    Stats to date here: rideallofsf.tumblr.com
    Still have a bit to do too...

  12. Lucas P.
    Lucas Pereira

    Nice... :)