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Solo, slow, painful death by Akuna

  • 67.2km
  • 1,165m
  • 2:55:37
    Moving Time
  • 2,163


  1. El F.
    El Fugitivo

    No cruisers? Tsk tsk.

  2. Rich  G.
    Rich G.

    I have a 200km ride next month to train for! Unfortunately my legs weren't playing ball today...

  3. Rich  G.
    Rich G.

    Wen & Rosi out-did me by over 20km today!

  4. Rich  G.
    Rich G.

    Rosie and I (wen here) have a plan for an Xmas ride. 27th dec. thinking 4 gorges or Calga. Some kinda ride where people can pick there distances. In the arvo /evening a BBQ. You & Marie in?

  5. El F.
    El Fugitivo

    Yes I am taking names. You are all in detention. ;)

  6. El F.
    El Fugitivo

    Nope. Love to but sorry. We're in falls creek over xmas doing alpine rides. Hopefully Maria's new wheels arrive in time! You going up to race tomorrow? I'm marshaling so keen for a ride after.

  7. El F.
    El Fugitivo

    You going to club BBQ tommorrow?

  8. Rich  G.
    Rich G.

    No racing for me until Feb - gotta get the Alpine Classic out of the way! We have plans anyway. See you at the club BBQ in the afternoon?

  9. Jp S.
    JP Saville www.questadventure.co.uk

    Too much cake - you're not Jimbo!

  10. Rich  G.
    Rich G.

    Ha! Average speed was low as it was an iPhone recording, not Garmin...